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As a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, Your Future is Bright... If You Can Navigate the Challenges

Today's business landscape is rich with opportunities for the ambitious, but are you feeling overwhelmed by the complex information and processes?

Perhaps you’re yearning to:

Strategic Steps Consulting provides the expertise and guidance your business needs to excel.

Expert Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

At SSC, we specialize in decluttering the information overload and untangling the perplexities. Our experts are with you at every step, ensuring a streamlined and efficient journey for your business. We’re not just advisors; we’re your partners in:

Business Coaching/Training:

Expert insights to drive
decision-making and fuel growth.

Business Management Consulting:

Empowering you and your team with the skills and knowledge to conquer new heights.


Tailoring a seamless structure for your business to thrive.

What Sets Us Apart?

1. We Simplify Complexity

Your business is unique, and we break down intricate information into manageable, actionable steps tailored for you.

2. Organizational Continuity

We foster an adaptive organizational structure, so your business remains resilient against the tides of change.

3. Increasing Productivity & Effectiveness

By optimizing operations, we ensure your energy is channeled towards purposeful actions that yield results.

4. Business & Corporate Expertise

With a treasure trove of industry experience, we bring profound insights to the table.

5. Part of Your Support Team

We don’t just give advice; we roll up our sleeves and work with you. From incorporating a new business, crafting a business plan, to navigating government certification documents, we’re with you in the trenches.

Achieve Sustainable Success with Strategic Steps Consulting

At Strategic Steps Consulting, our forte is simplifying the complex, cutting through the noise, and solving the intricate puzzles that often plague businesses. Our team of experts stands with you at every turn, providing a seamless and efficient pathway for your business growth. We are more than consultants; we are your trusted allies.

Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, and Responsible Management

We are passionate about catalyzing your success with unyielding excellence, unwavering integrity, and prudent stewardship.

Ready to Make Every Step Strategic?

How We Work: Our Process

We utilize a 5 step process that enables us to address any area of concern within your company. We start with getting to know your company.


You introduce us to your world and share your strategic goals. This enables us to understand your current position and aspirations, paving the way for us to devise the most effective path forward.


We assess your business processes to pinpoint the areas that need strengthening or identify factors hindering your business success, always keeping your unique needs and objectives at the forefront.

Research & Development

We delve into identifying the most suitable methods and tools that will complement your company structure, with a focused approach to addressing your specific concerns.

Strategic Plan Solution

An action plan is developed based on the insights from the evaluation, providing you with clear steps to make corrections, updates, or create a new administrative strategy tailored to achieve your desired outcomes.


We’ll put the plan into action and closely monitor its progress, ensuring a smooth execution from start to finish.

About Strategic Steps Consulting

As a passionate entrepreneur or small business owner, your vision and drive are the lifeblood of your enterprise. At Strategic Steps Consulting, we resonate with your enthusiasm and are steadfast in our commitment to bolstering the foundational pillars of your business. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to thrive, serving as the advisors and mentors who can help catapult your venture to new heights.

We pride ourselves on being more than just consultants; consider us an extension of your team. Our hands-on approach ensures that we’re actively collaborating with you every step of the way. Through diagnostic services and strategic assessments, our team’s expertise in business management, operations, organizational structure, strategy, mentorship, and training, is leveraged to identify and resolve critical business issues. Together, we’ll transform challenges into opportunities, steering your business towards sustainable success.



Sheretha Gordon

Sheretha is the driving force behind Strategic Steps Consulting (SSC), and is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs. With an academic background from the University of Maryland and Regent University, and diverse experiences including service in the US Navy and Air National Guard, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her clients.


Sheretha champions strategic business growth, sustainability, and expansion. Her extensive travel has fueled her desire to inspire success in others.


At SSC, she extends beyond business guidance to offer partnership and mentorship, investing personally in each client’s success.

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